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AVANI recycled cashmere patchwork pillow.AV-BL-2P-001

AVANI recycled cashmere patchwork pillow.AV-BL-2P-001

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AVANI recycled cashmere & silk patchwork reversible blouson.

2023 "Legend" series.

recycled cashmere & silk patchwork reversible blouson with a patchwork of hip-hop legend Faithless' art.

The outer fabric is a legendary faceless patchwork of 100% recycled cashmere.
The lining is a plain black patchwork of 100% recycled silk.


About AVANI 

We are a patchwork remake brand using vintage natural fiber materials.

AVANI means 'the earth' in Sanskrit.

We would like to provide you with patchwork materials using these precious materials born from the earth.

We use natural materials such as vintage materials, cashmere knitwear and silk. We also have a contract with a hunter for our brand name and reuse deer skins, which are originally disposed of by vermin control. These deer skins are tanned with full vegetable tannin and dyed with iron mordant to produce original leather. No chrome tanning or chemical dyeing, we use only environmentally friendly and natural materials.

All AVANI products are one-of-a-kind. This means that every product you receive is unique and special. We value individuality and uniqueness. Each item is different from the others, each has its own charm, and each has its own unique value. For our customers, the ability to obtain their own special item is a source of pride for our brand.


AVANI(アヴァニ)とはサンスクリットの言葉で‘the earth’大地を意味します。





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