A LOVE MOVEMENT project was founded by Tetsuzo Okubo. 

Tetsu was the the chief designer of the shoes and accessories department, for a certain Paris Collection brand, then in 2000, emigrated to Los Angeles. He has enjoyed traveling the world and meeting many people. In 2001 he started the "A LOVE MOVEMENT" project, using his designs to spread messages of happiness to the world. When it is worn, rather than being cool, it is meant to bring a smile to anyone we meet. 

ALM is casual wear made mainly with recycled vintage cashmere, recycled military materials, re-purposed and made cute to spread happiness and peace rather than war and eco-friendly organic cotton, used for our "Orgasm Cotton" line.

ALM is unisex and can be worn with confidence, available in both adult and children's sizes.

ALM garments are meant to be your favorites and are designed to be worn long, evolving over time. As the garment is worn, damage and holes are inevitable. Come back to us and we can make repairs or add more custom patches.

Now, through collaboration with artists of many varied skills and practices, we will spread smiles all over the world, please contact us if you have an interest in working with us.