Collection: Custom

Select the body you want to customize from the list of products below.

Tap the purple button on the product page

You will be redirected to the customize screen, where you can place your favorite patches and letters on the body.
We recommend that you place patches on the body, as the numbers in the body image are damage points.
Only one “Adios”patch can be worn per garment.

When you have completed the customization, click the "保存" button in the lower right corner.

This completes the customization.
Then, please put it in your cart and make your payment.

For customized products, please pay for the body first.
We will send you a separate invoice for the customization cost.

Customization fee
Up to 40 pieces of letters and patches: $1000
For more than that, we will e-mail you a quotation.

Up to 30 letters and patches: $750

Up to 20 letters and patches: $500

Up to 10 letters and patches: $250

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